Case Studies
Buffalo Gals Frozen Dinners The Backstory Buffalo Gals Frozen Dinners is a commercial business that specializes in producing and selling frozen dinners. Based in Iowa, the company uses vegetables and livestock from local cities within the state to supplement its meals. This company is committed to using Iowa’s statewide resources for the production of their products. Environmentally- and ecosystem-friendly materials will be used to create the packaging for the meals. This will create jobs and strengthen Iowa’s financial economy.
The Process
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First, a narrative for Buffalo Gals was created. This was important, as the narrative serves as the foundation for the entire brand. From there, a voice and tone were established, followed by the theme and style. These areas came together to create the look and feel. The voice and tone is friendly and down-to-earth. All of the copy for the brand's media pieces are written with this in mind.
To determine the theme and style, three different types of moodboards were created. Each moodboard was designed with great consideration for the narrative, voice and tone. Ultimately, the Rural Midwest board was chosen. This is the board that influenced the look and feel of the media for Buffalo Gals.
A series of sketches for the logo were drawn. The goal was to capture the spirit of Buffalo Gals in an easy and relatable way. Many of the sketches were influenced by the state of Iowa; native crops and the shape of the state were used as motifs. Elements related to nature and agriculture were also used.
The color palette was influenced by all three moodboards, since they are all connected in some way. Although the Rural Midwest moodboard is the primary inspiration for the visual aspects of Buffalo Gals, the logo needed to be more lively and rich, to reflect a lively and rich brand.
Once the logo was created, development of the assets began to take place. A television commercial was created, and a grocery list was used as a promotional item. The objective of the commercial and promotional item is to introduce consumers to the Buffalo Gals brand with a warm and relatable tone of voice, in hopes of establishing brand loyalty.
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