Case Studies
The Tree Top Inn The Backstory The Tree Top Inn, located in Orlando, Florida, is a nature-themed resort that promises an adventurous stay for its guests. The lodging is located in the tree tops of the Florida wilderness, and guests will have access to their rooms through an optional zip line entrance. The Tree Top Inn also has on-site entertainment attractions that are bound to keep guests entertained. Guests are free to participate in arcade gaming, rock-climbing, lounging at the lazy pool, or zip line tours, all without leaving the comfort of their parking spaces.
The Process
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With the beginnings of a narrative in place, the first step was to finish crafting it. The narrative is based on the idea of offering relief to consumers who are tired of having negative experiences at theme parks. After completing the narrative, the strategy was formed. This included the brand positioning, image, personality, and attitude. The zip line entry access is a differentiating factor that separates the Tree Top Inn from local competition. This became the main selling point of the resort. Media mix assets were chosen based on the results of the research. Each media mix asset is aimed at the target demographic of the brand.
A static and dynamic moodboard were created for the purpose of having a visual representation of the marketing plan. Many of the elements are presented at angles; this demonstrates dynamic motion and cohesion between the zip lines (which are placed at angles) and the surrounding elements. The inorganic look and feel of the typefaces, as well as the color palette, reflect the resort's nature theme.
The logo design process started with a large collection of sketches. From this collection, the strongest sketches were picked and rendered in vector format. Different textures were applied to the renders, to make them appear more tactile while preserving the characters in the font.
The three strongest logos with the most potential were placed in a survey that was distributed to twenty participants, to see if the logos were successful in communicating the attitude, theme, and style of the Tree Top Inn brand.
After the results were collected and analyzed, changes were made to improve the logo. The participants stated that, while they appreciated the earthy hues and textural look of the logo, it didn't come across as a logo for a nature-themed hotel. To solve this problem, the words were stacked in a slightly uneven manner, mimicking a tree trunk.
Once the logo was complete, development of the media mix began. Primary focus was placed on the development of social media pages, followed by online advertising through SEO and content marketing, and then by television advertising. The order of focus for the media was determined by popularity and receptiveness. Research showed that more people were likely to see the advertisement through social media than through television and online marketing.
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